Sweet Favors!

Invariably, at some point in the planning process a bride will ask me about favors. Often she has her heart set on something like a tiny silver bell with (very time consuming) ribbons in the wedding colors attached, or a very expensive heart shaped, engraved ornament with their engagement photo in it. Big. Mistake.  I hate to say... but most favors end up either in the trash, or in the trunk of the groom's car with all of the gifts. 
That said, I love the idea of an offering or token of gratitude and some couples really come up with cool and creative ideas that really reflect who they are. Several years ago, I had a couple who placed a handwritten note on each placesetting. Time consuming: yes. Meaningful: out of the park.

One of my favorite ideas was from a very creative and thoughtful bride, Lindsay. She made her favorite treats (peppermint popcorn, chocolate dipped pretzels, blueberry bars, cookies, cake pops, birds nests...) and provided environmentally friendly, reusable shopping bags for each of her guests to fill with the sweets to take home.  The guests LOVED it! 

While the offering was really appropriate and meaningful (and delicious!) the display was as well.
She gave me a lot of really cool props to use for food and beverage displays which created a cohesive and coordinated design throughout the site.  For the favor display, we used an old dresser that belonged to her grandmother. It was one of the few things left from her long closed flower shop and held alot of meaning to the family. 

Unlike a 10 year old's birthday party (where favors are CRITICAL to the child's social standing) you should should not feel pressured or obligated to buy or make everyone a favor. You can certainly express your gratitude in many other ways.  If you do choose to send your guests away with an offering: make it  relevant and meaningful!



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