Bridezilla Redefined.

For years I have been reminding my brides to keep THE WEDDING in perspective.  It is, after all, one day.  I “get it” that the money spent on that one day could buy a new car, a down payment on a house or college tuition for one year.  It seems that with the explosion of the commercial wedding industry that this very special, intimate celebration with family, friends and community has become a measure of a young couples taste, creativity and pocket book.  Talk about pressure!  I have seen it consume brides in a way that makes them crazy- singularly focused on one detail or feature that without it will ruin the whole day.  Planning becomes a stressful chore and huge source of anxiety.  Brides are forced into a crash course on event planning, management and design; all requiring a skill set that may not be natural to them.  The learning curve is steep AND there are no do-overs!


Having a professional planner or coordinator (who is not personally attached to your wedding) is critical to your pre-wedding well being. A planner will save you time and money. Often they not only pay for themselves once, but many times over.  A good planner will take your vision and budget and make it happen for you. 
 Recently, I was sitting with a bride and her mother and was reminded of beautiful dynamic that is a natural byproduct of supported planning.  I was presenting my design plan on a leisurely afternoon over tea.  The bride and her mom were relaxed, laughing and reminiscing about past family weddings.  They commented on how rarely they take the time out of their busy lives to spend time together. I realized that it is this is not just about one day. The planning process is about spending time with your mom, or sister, or best friend.  It provides the framework for defining and articulating your style in a way you never really had to.  It is dreaming fantasy and compromising down to reality.  It is a conversation with your fiancĂ© about taste, style, tradition and family that you may not have had before.

Your wedding celebration actually begins with “yes! I will marry you” and ends with you and your new husband enjoying your picnic basket of wedding leftovers and reliving party highlights. Your wedding day is a culmination of the whole planning experience: all of the lessons learned, compromises made and beautiful moments with your friends and family all along the way.
So, enjoy every moment of the planning process.  Your planner will narrow down the endless possibilities and help you design and organize your perfect event: reflective of your style and taste.  Your planner will keep you organized and on task without overwhelming you with details that can be handled by others.  Your planner will sweat the small stuff so you can glow on your special day!

And may I shamelessly add:  Canards planners are among THE BEST!


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